Not All


“All lives matter!”

"Not all men."

"Not all white people."

"Not all straight people."

"Not all.”

I find it interesting how these people's minds work, and by interesting I mean totally predictable in the most disappointing of ways. Any form of criticism said about groups they're in, they take it as a form of attack and childishly point fingers and say "But you!" Especially in terms of racism and bigotry.

"Black people commit crimes." As does every other race. Next.

"Muslim terrorists." White catholic terrorists. Next.

"This is racism against white people/ White people aren't the only ones that can be racist." You can't be racist to white people, nobody said all white people and it's interesting that you take more offense to the inaccurate assumption that this is an attack on your person than the actual pain the victims are feeling. Your crocodile tears are oh so so moving. Next.

"They're not us." Except they are, Becky. Not you individually but as someone so obviously ignoring the fact that this issue of white supremacy is singular to the group you're in and can literally only be fixed from within, you're as complicit as a partner-in-crime.

People of color cannot fix this. Not alone. We've been trying from the moment you saw us as inferior, sub-human. You belittle our pain and shrug off the harm your lot cause and go "Hey it wasn't me so there." You ignore the mental injuries 400+ years of the raping and destruction of our people and homes caused and how a society that was built on this still affects us today in similar ways and go "That's all in the past. Stop looking for things to be angry about." All while ignoring how a lot of your islamophobic rhetoric is from stuff that happened in the past. Things you say "never forget" yet you want people of color to forget the shit you do to us now as you play at being oh so swell and misquoting MLK, a man you would've despised.

How fucking predictable.

All those things you use to deflect over and over again, if you had a few useful brain cells, you could see where the root of these problems even fucking began. Racism as a societal institution is a "new" system created by white colonizers to keep their oppressed, oppressed and remain where you wanted them to remain. It is the thought that your race is superior. It does not affect white people. It doesn't. It actually can't, because there's no one race that thinks themselves superior to white people.

There's ethnicities that see themselves as greater but that's xenophobia and another discussion for another day. People of color can be racist but no one can be racist towards white people. Modern society makes that impossible.

Your lack of empathy isn't new. Humans in your situation tend to have little to no empathy for those that are different until it involves them. Explains why when people like the "Not all..." and "All Lives Matter" crowd show themselves, it's all about them. They're not comfortable when we're not about them and even more uncomfortable when it's not positive when we are.

I mean, I just saw a white person trying to reason that the US isn't racist because they had a black president. Make it make fucking sense.

A video is going around about a group of white high school kids casually discussing putting the n***ers in concentration camps and committing genocide on Jews and black people and white people still had the fucking audacity to make it about them! They immediately went on how it's not all of them, that this is an enclosed issue. Imagine being that fucking ignorant and confident in your idiocy. Imagine. Your fucking kids are promoting genocide and you're trying to defend your race? What are you smoking?

White people have an issue with race, a societal form of classism they created, and not just white Americans. White people need to fucking handle their issues with race. They need to admit that they have these issues in the fucking first place and research how to handle it and implement a plan to fix their fucked up issues instead of pretending there's no widespread problem or play at being the victims. Otherwise this will stay and continue and your “colorblind” shit isn't going to help no matter how much you want to believe it would.

Fix the mess you started. We've tried for centuries and it's still here. Your ancestors, your history, fix it. Help us fix this. That is if you really cared. If you don't, why are you even reading this?

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