Sensitivity Reader Service: Open



I will read through your manuscript and point out issues in relation to representation, internalized biases and stereotypes.

After a thorough read-through of the given manuscript, I will give comments on particular areas that need to be looked into and provide a more in-depth analysis of the whole work and suggestions for revisions. I can and only will read for marginalizations I have first-hand experience with and my reading of your work is not an endorsement of your writing and/or allyship. You can choose to accept or reject any advice given to you. My reads do not guarantee protection of criticism.

Marginalized people are not a hive-mind so I repeat, I can only provide advice in relation with my personal experiences. Others in my marginalized groups can disagree with what I consider sensitive or insensitive.

What i read…

  • YA (Young Adult), NA (New Adult) and MG (Middle Grade) Fiction.

  • Fantasy

  • Contemporary Fiction

  • Comics & Graphic Novels (Scripts)

I’m open to new things so if a genre isn’t mentioned above, you can contact me via e-mail to see if I’m up for it.

WHAT i read for…

  • Mental Illness: Depression, PTSD, Agoraphobia, Anxiety Disorder

  • Race & Ethnicity: Black, Nigerian (Igbo* & Yoruba), Living in Ireland

  • Sexuality & Romantic Orientation: Asexual, Bi/Panromantic

  • Gender: Trans, Questioning, Masc, Non-binary

  • Religion: Conservative Christianity in Nigeria, Atheism

  • Self-harm and Suicidal tendencies

  • Abuse, Bullying

(*) - Identities I have experience with but not as much as the others.

Please let me know what identities you want me to read for when submitting your manuscript and what areas you’re specifically worried about or looking out for. I will point out any and all issues I see, even those I don’t represent and want you to watch and ask someone of the marginalization to look at, but I will focus on your concerns.

Two weeks is my turnaround time but completion can vary due to unforeseen events and/or traffic..


Primary Consultation = €15 (+ €5 for each additional consultation)

Total price will be given after consultation but this is the general idea.

The rate is €0.01 per word

All payments are made via PayPal and must be in euros. Taxes not included.

Send all requests and questions on the Contacts page and can’t wait to work with you!